Letters Posted by Mark Houser and Justin Franchville September 14, 2015

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2015 Fall Homecoming & Alumni Reunion

Touchstone/Homecoming Weekend Oct 9-10-11 2015


For schedules of all events and registration:
Including the golf event below.

Friday, October 9th --Greek Cup
0900 Start, $30 for golf, cart, lunch after outing at clubhouse.
If interested can contact Ryan Estes.  ryanestes@earthlink.com

Friday night 6pm Touchstone/Homecoming Dinner
Request seating at the Kappa Sigma tables.
8pm Refreshments at Kappa Sigma House.

Saturday, October 10th  9:45 am Board Meeting in Best Hall Room 221
Business Meeting
House and Alumni updates
11:15 Meeting to adjourns
11:30 Tailgate at Kappa Sigma
1:00 Homecoming Game  Trive vs Olivet.
7pm, if not attending the Oak Ridge Boys concerts. 
Social hours-700 till?  Opted for Strawberry Daiquiri's and Pina Coladas vs Wine Tasting, but wine will be available, once again at THE House.

Sunday Oct 11th Formal Initiation at House, (time pending)
Mr Steve Elder, has submitted a request to Kappa Sigma to become a brother, and National has approved.  Steve is a good friend of Trine University, brothers Ralph Trine, and Mitch Rhoads.  Actives will perform the formal initiation.  Waiting to hear from actives as to the time, once have that will send out another email. 

Big weekend, hoping to see and catch up with as many brothers as possible!

Mark Houser
President of Theta Xi, Trine University.

Posted by Mark Houser September 2, 2015

 Greetings Brothers,
We are fast approaching the 2015 Homecoming & Alumni Reunion.  The Homecoming Celebration Dinner is FREE but pre-Registration is required at:  http://www.trine.edu/homecoming/
Be sure to enter Kappa Sigma as your organization and request seating with the Kappa Sigma Group. There are Three Tables (10 seats/table) reserved for Kappa Sigma Alumni. There is a challenge for most members attending for any given organization.   Please plan on attending this dinner Friday evening at 6:00. You can catch up on all happenings for the weekend by visiting the above site. 
For Kappa Sigma’s the schedule is listed below.

In the 70's at the house. Come to the reunion and share some of those memories

Friday Homecoming Dinner is at 6pm at the Keith Busse/Athletic  Recreation Center.  After dinner refreshments at the Kappa Sigma House around 8pm or little later.
Saturday morning at 9:45 am Kappa Sigma Board meeting in Best Hall Room 221.  In general review of the past year, what is taking place on the new mortgage fund raising campaign, various reports from the house officers, where at on RUSH program. Reports from the Alumni Executive Committee.  Steve LaHood will introduce the Sig Cup Scholarship winners, and how this has grown.  Other business.





Friday at 6:00 Touchstone/Homecoming Dinner, Three Tables(10 seats/table) Reserved for Kappa Sigma Alumni.

MEETING STARTS AT 9:45 SATURDAY!!!!!!  Would like to wrap up by 11:15 at latest!!!!
11:30--- Tailgate party at the house, burgers, dogs, various munchies and drinks.
1:00-----Trine vs Olivet

The 60's at the house. See you at the reunion!


Please plan on stopping by the house at any time after the game or into the evening.    The actives would like to meet you and share in how the house is doing, how the work this summer went, expectations this school year and so on.  Wine tasting event at 700 pm!!!!!!
Please advise if plan on attending.  Can contact any of the below.




Mark Houser                    mrkhuser72@gmail.com           517-937-7495
Ron Thomas                    rtsbplus3@yahoo.com             574-274-1014
Mike Brown                     mike@tcagraphics.com            937-572-4805
Roy Charleswood             rcharleswood@hotmail.com       260-235-1423




2015 Sig Cup's 10th Anniversary

Posted by Steve LaHood August 21st, 2015


Mike Darch and Mitch Rhoads‏ enjoying the day

 This was the 10th anniversary of the Sig Cup which is an alumni scholarship golf fundraiser between the Kappa Sigs and Alpha Sigs.  Back in the day (1967-1970) these two fraternities were located adjacent to each other on fraternity row.  The competition was very fierce between the two houses.  John Goudy, Alpha Sig, and I were friends while attending Trine and remain friends today.  We thought of this idea to get alumni back to the university and fraternity in a friendly competition centered around golf and fund raising.  The first year we both had four brothers.


Quigley, Miller and Fogt ready for some action


This year the Kappa Sigs had 32 brothers participate and 35 brothers make a contribution to the scholarship fund. In past years we awarded two $1000.00 scholarships to two brothers in each house.

This year we will award four $1000.00 scholarships in each house.  The scholarships are awarded based on GPA, Community Service, and good standing with both the National and Local chapter.  The Sig Cup is played over two day period tied in with the university Alumni and Friends Scholarship outing the first Friday in August.  We have raised over $40,000 to date but more importantly getting alumni brothers back to the campus is very special.

Steve LaHood presents the trophy to John Goudy of Alpha Sig

Steve LaHood
August 19, 2015










Watch a slide show from the Sig Cup.




Summer Work Completed at the House

Posted by Mark Houser Saturday,August 21, 2015


A brief report what work was done this summer at 801 Moss St.












In no particular order:
Outdoor trimming, edging, lawn repair, bags of rocks, trimming of bushes.
The shed was totally cleaned out and reorganized.
Both front and rear decks were power washed.
Patio out back cleaned and under deck cleared out.
Spidels crew worked on railing in front, the stone pillar repaired, worked on some light issues, back door repaired, library room doors worked on.
Couple of lights on rear deck were replaced by Mike Brown.
Inside of house, all ceramic tile floors were cleaned, kitchen floors and all restrooms floors cleaned.  Carpets cleaned in living room and hallways, and stairs.  Several walls painted including east wall of bar, plus several walls in various rooms.
Sandy worked on window screens, repairs made where needed, cleaning of rooms, reorganized the kitchen area and some of the storage rooms.
There were other miscellaneous things such as lite bulbs, water faucets, clean out of all drains and etc.







First GOLD STAR awards to Mike Brown, and Sandy Hubbell (chief cook and master of cleaning).  Ron Thomas and Roy Charleswood were there to assist on several occasions as well.  Actives in the house for summer for Nate, Eric, Nick, Jason, Alvaro, Zack, Stephan, and Sam. These guys all had internships, working full time so they were not always available but did help out when could.

Again thanks to these folks for all their time and efforts.

Note: disappointing that more alumni did not show up to help!!

Alumni the actives would sure like to see more of you stop by.
Whether it be for a meeting or just to stop in it would be nice.

School starts this coming Monday 24th.  Busy with getting folks all moved in.  House will be full this fall.

Mark Houser
Alumni President.