President's House Update Letter

January 16, 2018-Mark Houser

In no particular order.

RUSH, believe you all have seen the results of the meeting with Dr Brooks, but in a shorter version it went well. House did a good job in presenting themselves. Good discussion with Dr Brooks. He asked them for suggestions on changes within the Greek system that might help to improve relationships between parties. One thing that was pointed out by GM Brandon was that in regards to rushing of Freshman. Brooks was open to the idea of how it could benefit both the school and the houses. Understand that Trine looses some students in that first year sometimes due to fact can not keep the kids interested in what is talking place on campus, that the Greek system can help in securing/possibly getting the these students more involved so that want to stay on board. Bottom line Dr Brooks is pro Greek and is passing the information along to Randy White. Now so that it does not end here, discussed another meeting with Randy White. Another way to keep house in touch with Trine.

RUSH, several events upcoming. But with only two weeks left till pinning on Jan 28th, really don't see many more that 10-12. Bowling event, but believe that is couple weeks away, but before the 2nd pinning event.

Discussed the issues with getting the younger guys involved more on rush events, securing little brothers etc. What does it take to get brothers more involved. Is it points whereby more are applied to get into staying in the house. They are meeting again today to discuss further. Brandon, John, Kyle , give us some feedback on what is discussed today.

Meetings have taken place with coaches, not much really positive to this. Believe it does help to have the house reaching out, as it does put Kappa Sigma possibly higher on the list. Communication's is key.

There are 5 brothers not meeting the GPA goal of 2.5. These brothers are not allowed into social events. All 5 are real close to the 2.5, it was decided by the EC that these brothers do contribute hours, and are involved in several fund raising and philanthropy events. Which does help the house in working towards Face/Founders awards. Having said that the house is up to date on reporting to the National. Many events upcoming with particular attention to getting the points necessary to win these awards. Back to those not getting to 2.5, being watch closely if someone does not get GPA up further action will need to be taken.

House did participate in a Toboggan run event/fund raiser thru the Jacobs Insurance event for the Steuben County Young Professionals.

House is involved in the Greek Life Organization, all has to do with the promoting of the Greek system. Good start towards improving Greek image.

Four members will be attending Great Lakes Conclave on Feb 17th, not sure of the city? Leadership Conference will be help in New Orleans July20-21, there will be at least 4 in attendance for that event. House is checking with Trine as there may be some monies in a fund that is to help pay for such items Same as last years, by applying house was able to get $1600 towards attending the Bi-Annual conclave. They are checking into that again. If you would wish to contribute money towards the flights to the Leadership Conference, reach out to either Brandon GM or John GT at the house or to either Marek or myself. Only thing need help on is the flights. Believe around $350-$400 per ticket round trip. Plus house will be working on some fund raising towards such.

Other Business for the Alumni side.

The mold issue in the elevator was taken care of and all is well. House had to pay the first $1000 deductible, otherwise insurance took care of the rest. The costs of repair ended up at under $5000. Why it occurred, was due to water heater leaking over a long period of time, water going into the elevator shaft, was not caught. Precautions have been take so that should not occur again. Water heaters replaced. Proper discussion with the house manager taken.

Unless someone advises otherwise I am going to start the process of getting bids for having all rooms painted, repairs as needed. Other item would be looking at would be of getting new carpet put in place through out the whole house. There may be some need to look at window seals. Not to say there may not be other items, but believe these would be at the top of list. I am not an interior decorator, so looking for some feedback. In taking on will not do unless the monies are there to do such. Believe getting the bids first order. Once have such then look at where the money will come from. Would not think all needs to be done right away. Maybe it is one floor then the other. Maybe it is rooms first then carpet. Will need involvement from all.

Of course coming up to another summer, so have to start thinking about whether house will be open. This has impact on decisions to be made above. Actives already asking if house will be open. Working around the above, believe at least one floor should be open.

No one has stepped forward to take on the President post. I am acting as the interim, but at some point I will be stepping away. Would suggest that brothers get active in finding a replacement. Believe things are running ok, but as I have stated before it takes more time than I have. I am getting good support from a few brothers, but it takes others getting involved. Thanks to Marek Kolar, Mike Darch, Mike Brown, and Randy Plank. Bill San Giacomo thanks for your help on getting all the proficiencies done with the actives, plus your feedback to these young guns. Noah Warren, and Sam Ginsburg, are there when the need arises, much appreciated all.

Sure there may have been some items not touched on, but have hit upon most. As always Feel free to respond with feedback.

Thanks for your time,
Respectfully AEKDB Mark
Houser President
Trine Alumni



Meet a Coach Who Has Stayed Off The Carousel

April 22, 2017-Mike Lopresti, Indianapolis business Journal

We all know how it works in college athletics. The coaches come, the coaches go: Tom Crean, Kevin Wilson, Darrell Hazell, etc. etc. etc. Every sport, every school. It’s a transient business.

But not always. On the phone is Bill SanGiacomo. He has coached men’s golf at Trine University for 46 years—so long he has seen the school change its name from Tri-State. Not to mention long enough to earn 19 conference titles, 14 trips to the national championship, and more than 300 match and tournament victories.

Bill SanGiacomo

So how does a New Jersey guy end up in Angola, Indiana? Because he was chipping in his front yard one day, but we’ll explain that in a minute. He’s No. 1 in seniority among college coaches in this state, and gives a couple of reasons why he’s still around at 77.

“One, we’ve had very, very successful programs. It’s no fun coaching when you’re losing,” he said. “The more important reason is, the kids are just marvelous to be around. I’ve got five freshmen playing for me, and they’re just wonderful kids. Anytime we go on trips, they never allow me to lift anything, even though I’m perfectly capable of doing so. That’s what keeps me going, and it keeps me young.”

Let’s hear it for SanGiacomo. When he wasn’t on the golf course for Trine, he was founding the school’s drama club and writing a musical, “Moll!’’ It’s based on the novel “Moll Flanders.”

His journey is filled with turns fashioned by fate. As a college student at Montclair State University in New Jersey who had never played golf in his life, he was debating a professor about a questionable grade. As a peace offering, the prof showed SanGiacomo to his garage and gave him a set of used clubs, some golf balls and advised him to give the sport a try. SanGiacomo fell in love with the game.

Out of college and looking for a job, he had just moved into a house and was chipping in the front yard one day, when a neighbor drove by and invited him to play. During the round, SanGiacomo mentioned he’d really like to find a job at a small school. The neighbor knew just the place: his alma mater—a tiny dot in the Midwest called Tri-State. The man called the college president, and two weeks later, SanGiacomo was interviewing for a position.

He’s still there. “If it had rained on that particular day and I hadn’t been out in the yard chipping, God knows where I’d be today.”

SanGiacomo plans to go two more seasons. There is another reason it has meant so much to him. He has buried two wives, both lost to cancer, the most recent five years ago. He taught his second wife the game, and they had planned a move South, to a house on a golf course, but life went another way. His job got him through. “I don’t know what I’d be doing if I didn’t coach. I might be wandering the streets,” he said. “They say when people retire and don’t have anything to do, they kind of dry up. I don’t want that to happen to me.”

So the most enduring college coach in Indiana has carried on, loving every second of the game and the career that came his way by chance. Call his office, listen to his recorded message, and these are Bill SanGiacomo’s closing words to you: “Above all, keep it in the fairway.”•





Take a Look at The 50th Anniversary Photo Gallery at the House.


Charter Members at the 50th Anniversary

October 17, 2016

The 2016 Sig Cup

Shawn Floyd August 20, 2016

This year Alpha Sig won over Kappa Sig- 30.5 to 23.5, Kappa Sig led after day one 10-8, but Alpha Sig roared back on day 2 to take the lead and diminish the hopes of Kappa Sig brothers of drinking from the cup this year.

Brothers, As the school year continues on, the Brothers here at Theta-Xi continue their hard work both toward their academic schedules and finding men that exemplify the ideals of being a Kappa Sigma. During the month of February, we pinned 15 pledges, and they were recently initiated on April 3, bringing our brotherhood to 48. We are still proud to boast the second highest GPA on campus amongst fraternities, and hope our newly initiated brothers can continue to uphold our tradition of excellence.

Also during the month, Theta-Xi’s Executive Committee had the chance to go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and be a part of the Great Lakes Conclave. In Pittsburgh, the EC learned many new things, including how to “rush” properly and proper ways to run the chapter. In their return, they have brought many new things to the chapter, including new ideas for rush and philanthropies as well as ways to maximize

In the next few weeks, the chapter will be hosting our second annual Kappa Sigma Classic golf outing. All money raised will once again be donated to Kappa Sigma’s Military Heroes Campaign which helps out veterans and their families. Last year, the event raised over $4,500 and was the largest fundraiser held on campus, a title our brotherhood was very happy to boast. We hope the even reaches even greater heights this year, and already has more teams registered than last year. Anyone looking to still register and play or sponsor this years’ tournament should contact Shawn Reiner at to get involved.

Mark Houser, Roy Charleswood and Dave Zeider prepare tocelebrate Mike Brown's tee shot.

Additionally, seven of our brothers participated in the Trine University Relay for Life on the weekend of April 9th, 2016. Together they spend their night walking around the basketball court in Hershey and raised $850.20 for the American Cancer Society. It was a great event and we are proud to have representation there.

On March 4, 2016, the chapter participated in the inaugural Stephen Alonzo Jackson Day of Giving, an Endowment Fund fundraiser run by Headquarters. 12 active brothers along with 12 alumni helped to raise $653.74 for the Theta-Xi Scholarship Fund. A huge thanks goes out to all who participated this year.

With the semester coming to a close, our brotherhood is still looking to improve. We hope to get back to number one on campus in terms of GPA and philanthropy. As well, we hope to honor the collegiate careers of our 14 brothers graduating at the end of the semester. Many have contributed greatly to the fraternity, and will leave a lasting legacy. We thank them for their time, and know that they will make great alumni.

L to R Justin Franchville, Ryan Bosse, Justin Gordon, Collin Northcutt, and Kappa Sig Philanthropy Chair William Macedo. Volunteering at preparing the Cline Bicentennial Garden

Looking towards next semester, we are very excited to celebrate Theta-Xi’s 50th anniversary at homecoming in October. Be on the lookout for more information coming soon, and we hope you can contribute to our Burn the Mortgage Campaign several alumni are heading up. We are fundraising as well, and are over halfway to our goal of $1,000 with several additional fundraisers coming up this month. Check out the video our brothers made for the campaign and we look forward to seeing everyone at homecoming!


Kyle Hoyt and Buchanon Carpenter Public Relations


The Kappa Sig and Apha Sig Participants at the Sig Cup




Kappa Sigma Takes the Sig Cup This Year!


Shawn Floyd and Mark Davenport, August 15, 2019

Sig Cup


Sig Cup has become one of the most important weekends of the year. Getting to spend time with brother’s that you see only a few times a year (or less), playing two great golf courses, and most importantly, raising money for undergraduate brothers are all important. This year was no different.


Winners of Trine Alumni and Friends Outing. Brothers Andrew Lesher, Shawn Floyd, Alex Lorencz and Jason Paff.



Kappa Sigma was determined to right the ship this year and bring the cup home, and we battled hard. After day 1, Kappa Sigma had built a nice lead, with the Alpha Sig’s trailing 15-6. Kappa Sigma just needed to hang on at Glendarin Hills Golf Course on day 2, which we knew would be difficult. With Alpha Sig charging, Kappa Sig’s clinched the last match needed to win the cup, winning 31.5 to Alpha Sig’s 21.5. A great 2 days of golf, weather, and comradery.

Bill MacIver and Steve LaHood



Overall, there were around 50 brothers total that attended from both fraternities. Kappa Sigma raised a total of $3,300 this year towards undergraduate scholarships, and our goal for next year is to increase this amount. In total, over the 14 years of organizing the Sig Cup, we have raised almost $60,000 for deserving undergraduate brothers. If you have any interest in playing next year or donating to the scholarship fund, you can contact Shawn Floyd, who coordinates this event each year. His email is


Strategy on Tee 15. Brothers Brown, LaHood, Houser, Thomas, Kolar and Ginsberg.

Rob Quigley and Kyle Squillace

Undergrad foursome; Brothers Tinney, O'Brien, Medina and Anderson.

Kappa Sigma Faculty Advisor Spotlighted by Trine University

Marek′s teaching and mentoring come
from real life experiences.

From Mike Darch

I have been teaching finance at Trine since August 2009. Previously I taught economics in Michigan at Delta College in Saginaw, Northwood University in Midlandand Michigan State University in East Lansing. I am awaiting publication of one of my 2008 doctoral thesis chapters in the Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions, and Money. Through doctoral research, I have gained expertise in finance, economics and business, and am eager to pass this expertise on to the students at Trine.
Marek KolarI was born in Czechoslovakia, and lived there under communism for 14 years. That experience has made me a passionate defender of freedom. I was inducted into the Northwood University Athletic Hall of Fame as a tennis player in 2007. I am a big fan of soccer and hockey. My wife Erin and I have a newborn daughter, Mikaela, and a seven–year–old black lab named Lucky. After living over 10 years in Michigan, we are excited to be a part of the Angola community.

Along with the above comments Marek made for the Trine article, below are some comments by Brother Mike Darch about Marek's involvement with the Kappa Sigma house.


Marek has been the men's assistant tennis coach at Trine for 2 seasons, spring 2011 and 2012 under head coach Bill Maddock.

I have personally known Marek since the Spring of 2010.  Introduced by Professor Bill San Giacomo, Marek graciously accepted our invitation to become a faculty advisor to the fraternity.
He quickly immersed himself into his new role and in short period of time has become an invaluable asset to our organization. His leadership skills helped our undergraduate brothers achieve the “most improved GPA” award for the second time since he became our advisor. This award is given to the Trine fraternity with the most improved overall GPA. In addition, Marek has helped to dramatically increase the number of new members into our brotherhood by way of his acute mentoring capabilities.

To confirm his commitment to the fraternity and enhance his ability to mentor our membership, Marek requested and was granted formal initiation into the brotherhood earlier this year. In addition, Marek has taken on another significant responsibility by becoming the Treasurer for the Trine Kappa Sigma Alumni Corporation.

Marek devotes significant amounts of his time to our brotherhood, as evidenced by his regular participation at chapter meetings, managing our finances as well as serving on the University’s Greek Council.

We are especially proud of Marek’s recent initiative in launching an educational series of workshops sponsored by Kappa Sigma for the benefit of all Trine students using the vast career experience of our alumni.  The first workshop on “How to Develop a Business Plan” was held two weeks ago to an audience of 30 enthusiastic Trine students.       

Kappa Sigma Brothers On Trine Board

Posted September 28, 2014

The Theta-Xi Chapter of Kappa Sigma and it’s predecessors on campus have long maintained a good working relationship with The University. An example of this healthy relationship today is the impressive number of Chapter Alumni serving on University Boards.

Seven Kappa Sigma Brothers are currently members of the Trine University Board of Trustees.

They are:

Chairman of the Board of Trustees: Rick James Chairman and CEO, Metal Technologies, Inc., Auburn, IN

Secretary of the Board of Trustees: Ralph Trine Chairman and CEO, Vestil Manufacturing Co., Angola, IN

James Bock, President and Owner, Bock Engineering, Elkhart, IN.

Stephen LaHood, President/Owner (ret), SVP Operations. Sarasota,FL.

Mitchel Rhoads, Chairman, Rhoads Holdings Ltd. Inc. and LePeep Restaurants. Angola, IN

Wayne Shive, President, Best Boy & Co., Fort Wayne, IN.

Keith Turner, Co-Founder, Metal Technologies, Inc., Auburn, IN

Two Kappa Sigma Brothers are currently serving on the Trine University Alumni Association’s Board of Directors. They are:

Mike Darch, Class of ’67

William Pett, Class of ‘53

Our Brotherhood teaches us that The Four Pillars of Kappa Sigma are Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service. The commitment of these Brothers to our alma mater exemplifies the practice of Leadership and Service beyond one’s college career. We thank them for their contributions to Trine University and are proud to call them “Brother.”


Kyle Hoyt and Buchanon Carpenter Public Relations