2017 Great Lakes Conclave
Cleveland State University


February 23, 2017- Ryan Bosse, Grand Master of Theta-Xi


On February 18th, 2017, myself and 4 other brothers, Mick Nichols (Grand Procurator), JT Plavchak (Grand Scribe), Brian LeGalley (Grand Treasurer), and Kyle Wainscott (Brotherhood Development) attended the yearly Great Lakes Conclave which was held at Cleveland State University this year. The day consisted of breakfast and check-in, a message from Worthy Grand Procurator Toby H. Taylor, two morning breakout sessions, lunch, two afternoon breakout sessions, and awards.

Brother Taylor talked with the group of about 350 brothers about the importance of what we represent and should portray as

Brothers from the house that attended the Great Lakes Conclave in Cleveland and became the men who became Jackson’s Men and/or Jackson’s Chapters.

initiated Kappa Sigmas. Some of these things included living every day by the ritual that we were pledged and initiated by, remembering our Obligation as Kappa Sigmas and Brothers, and giving back to others, as well as, to ourselves through the Endowment Fund, like those before us have. We were reminded what it means to be a Kappa Sigma: a man who devotes his time exemplifying Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service.

In the morning breakout sessions, we first listened and learned about the history behind our ritual. There are many interesting things that aren’t included in our Bononia Docets but were explained in this session. We then split up and a few of us went to a professional development session learning how to improve resumes, interview skills, and overall communication skills. The others listened to an alumnus from Kent State talk about how to promote alumni participation in giving back in their everyday lives and to the chapter. This was mostly focused on the younger alumni who leave the chapter and almost disappear for a chunk of years. A quote I took from this session was, “There’s no better service than to do unto others. If you aren’t doing this, you’re wasting your time.
One afternoon session of the Conclave included all of us listening to our Assistant District Grand Master, Gabe Rodriguez, breaking down each part of the ritual that we are obligated to learn and how we can apply it in our chapters. He created an excitement for learning and knowing our ritual and we are motivated to create that same excitement within the chapter. We then participated

From left: Ryan Bosse, JT Plavchak, Brian LeGalley, Mick Nichols, and Kyle Wainscott attended the Great Lakes Conclave in Cleveland

in a Chapter Exchange where we broke into small groups to discuss how to build better Philanthropy events, Ritual Proficiency participation, Recruitment, Brotherhood Development, and Public Relations. We learned about how to organize a successful philanthropy event and how to get the most out of the event, while also learning that public knowledge about what we do here at Kappa Sigma is important. An outsider should be able to come ask a community member what Kappa Sigma is like and they should be able to respond with all the things we do in the community. We astonishingly learned that we were the only chapter represented at the Conclave which was 100% Ritually Proficient. It was an incredible feeling to be the only Brothers who could give advice to other chapters on how to motivate members to get their proficiencies. In regards to recruitment we learned that the 1-on-1 relationship with potential new members is what is most important, because the relationship is established and then can be translated to more Brothers.

The day ended with a short awards ceremony where all those who became a Jackson’s Man, one who pledges to donate a total $1,000 to the Endowment Fund over the span of three years, were recognized. Brother Nichols proudly became the first Jackson’s Man from Theta-Xi. The chapter also became a Jackson’s Chapter, pledging to donate $1,000 over the span of a year towards the Endowment Fund. By doing this, we were able to get ourselves that much closer to becoming a FACE or Founder’s Chapter.

The experience the five of us had in Cleveland was unforgettable and we were able to take away so many things to bring back to Theta-Xi to continue in our quest to become a top chapter within the Kappa Sigma Fraternity and a Face and/or Founder’s Chapter.


Ryan Bosse

Grand Master of Theta-Xi

Notes from the House

April 1, 2017

Brothers, On Saturday March 25th, Theta-Xi chapter welcomed 11 new brothers into our beloved fraternity. We could not be more proud of the character and work ethic that these young men possess, and we cannot wait to see the ways they better our fraternity.

With Spring Break over and the semester at the halfway point, the brothers are ready to attack the final nine weeks. Our plan is to rush heavily for the remaining time on campus, that way we have a head start come Fall semester.

On March 3rd and 4th Kappa Sigma held the annual Stephen Alonzo Jackson Day as a way to give back to the fraternity. Each chapter raised their own funds, and those funds were allocated back to the chapter via scholarships and grants. Theta-Xi was recognized nationally for 100% brother participation in the event. With the tremendous help of our alumni, national members and active brothers, Theta-Xi was able to raise over $2000!

Mark your calendars for Saturday April 22nd, we are hosting the Kappa Sigma Classic at Zollner Golf Course. Entry is $50 per person and all proceeds go towards The Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign, an organization that aids veterans and their families. Contact brother Jordan Davidhizar at jadavidhizar13@my.trine.edu for more details.


Blake Powell
Public Relations



Cole Mabie Honored with Hershey's Scholarship


November 12, 2016

Congratulations to brother Cole Mabie for being awarded the Hershey's Scholarship by showing remarkable leadership and outstanding academic achievement!



LeGalley honored by Delta Mu Delta

October 17, 2016

Congratulations to brother Brian Legalley!!!!  Keep up the solid performance!!!!

Kappa Sigma brother Brian Legalley has earned a scholarship from the Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business, the third year in a row a Trine student has qualified for an award from the organization.
Brian LeGalley of Bowling Green, Ohio, was selected to receive a Regional Award, presented each year to an outstanding student in business. He received $500 from the organization for the honor.
LeGalley is a junior majoring in accounting.
“We are proud of Brian's accomplishments and this well-deserved recognition of his hard work and dedication to his academic career,” said Toby Swick, dean of the Ketner School of Business at Trine University. “We are also pleased that for the third straight year a student from the Ketner School of Business has received a Delta Mu Delta scholarship. We know we have outstanding students, but the external recognition validates the hard work of our students and faculty. These awards help motivate our students and strengthen the KSB brand.”
In 2015, Trey Calver was recognized by the organization with its Past President’s Award, and Neil Miller won the Delta Mu Delta Board Award in 2014.
Delta Mu Delta is a business honor society that recognizes and encourages academic excellence of students at qualifying colleges and universities. It seeks to create a community that fosters the well-being of its individual members and the business community through lifetime membership.



August 20, 2016

Four Brothers Attended Summer Kappa Sigma Leadership Conference Conference

This past July, four brothers from our Theta-Xi chapter made the trip down to Orlando, Florida for the Kappa Sigma Leadership Conference (KSLC). Four brothers from our chapter, Brian LeGalley, Buchanon Carpenter, J.T. Plavchak, and Collin Northcutt, attended. This year’s Conference went down in history as the largest yet, boasting a record 1,700+ Kappa Sigma’s from across the United States and Canada. It was truly an awesome experience seeing our brothers everywhere we looked, and having that strong connection even if we had never had the pleasure of meeting them.

We attended several different sessions while at KSLC. There were general sessions in which everyone attended, and then smaller breakout sessions that were tailored more to the individual interests of brothers. The general sessions were mainly used to recognize both specific chapters and the fraternity as a whole for the amount of money raised and the amount of hours put in for community service. It was incredible to see just how big a difference our fraternity can make when we come together. The smaller sessions were designed to give information and resources to undergrads that we can take back to our chapters. We attended one that dealt with the Grand Treasurer position that proved very interesting and informative. Another memorable session was one that addressed some sensitive topics about college life such as consent, hazing, binge drinking, and basically how we should hold ourselves as men and as true and lawful Kappa Sigma’s.

One of the last events was watch a model initiation ceremony. It was incredible to watch an initiation done to perfection, and it did a great job setting the standard for all chapters. We definitely took some tips and ideas away from this and will implement them ourselves to provide the best experience for our future initiates. Our final session was a massive banquet held to celebrate our great fraternity. There were a lot of awards given out, and while we may not have received any of the big ones, we were recognized for having our chapter’s GPA above the all-men’s average. Overall it was an amazing experience that gave us the knowledge and inspiration to come back and make our chapter the best it can be.

A.E.K.Δ.B Buchanan Carpenter Public Relations

The Spring Semester

at the House 

Congratulations 2016 Graduates


Brian Alexander
Alvaro Castelan
Brandon Ditto
Zachary Eckert
Tyler Hodson
Zachary Hopper
Caleb Knust
Nathan Price
Shawn Reiner
Zachary Richardson
Eric Roldan
Mitchell Schmucker
Christopher Short
Steffan Slick

April 15, 2016

Brothers, As the school year continues on, the Brothers here at Theta-Xi continue their hard work both toward their academic schedules and finding men that exemplify the ideals of being a Kappa Sigma. During the month of February, we pinned 15 pledges, and they were recently initiated on April 3, bringing our brotherhood to 48. We are still proud to boast the second highest GPA on campus amongst fraternities, and hope our newly initiated brothers can continue to uphold our tradition of excellence.

Military Heroes Campaign

Also during the month, Theta-Xi’s Executive Committee had the chance to go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and be a part of the Great Lakes Conclave. In Pittsburgh, the EC learned many new things, including how to “rush” properly and proper ways to run the chapter. In their return, they have brought many new things to the chapter, including new ideas for rush and philanthropies as well as ways to maximize

In the next few weeks, the chapter will be hosting our second annual Kappa Sigma Classic golf outing. All money raised will once again be donated to Kappa Sigma’s Military Heroes Campaign which helps out veterans and their families. Last year, the event raised over $4,500 and was the largest fundraiser held on campus, a title our brotherhood was very happy to boast. We hope the even reaches even greater heights this year, and already has more teams registered than last year. Anyone looking to still register and play or sponsor this years’ tournament should contact Shawn Reiner at sjreiner12@my.trine.edu to get involved.

Relay of Life

Additionally, seven of our brothers participated in the Trine University Relay for Life on the weekend of April 9th, 2016. Together they spend their night walking around the basketball court in Hershey and raised $850.20 for the American Cancer Society. It was a great event and we are proud to have representation there.

On March 4, 2016, the chapter participated in the inaugural Stephen Alonzo Jackson Day of Giving, an Endowment Fund fundraiser run by Headquarters. 12 active brothers along with 12 alumni helped to raise $653.74 for the Theta-Xi Scholarship Fund. A huge thanks goes out to all who participated this year.

With the semester coming to a close, our brotherhood is still looking to improve. We hope to get back to number one on campus in terms of GPA and philanthropy. As well, we hope to honor the collegiate careers of our 14 brothers graduating at the end of the semester. Many have contributed greatly to the fraternity, and will leave a lasting legacy. We thank them for their time, and know that they will make great alumni.

L to R Justin Franchville, Ryan Bosse, Justin Gordon, Collin Northcutt, and Kappa Sig Philanthropy Chair William Macedo. Volunteering at preparing the Cline Bicentennial Garden

Looking towards next semester, we are very excited to celebrate Theta-Xi’s 50th anniversary at homecoming in October. Be on the lookout for more information coming soon, and we hope you can contribute to our Burn the Mortgage Campaign several alumni are heading up. We are fundraising as well, and are over halfway to our goal of $1,000 with several additional fundraisers coming up this month. Check out the video our brothers made for the campaign and we look forward to seeing everyone at homecoming!


Kyle Hoyt and Buchanon Carpenter Public Relations


"This past Saturday we cleaned up the flower beds. They had been neglected for some time and the day lilies had taken over. Under the guidance of Master Gardener Flaim Cupp, sticks were removed, trees pruned, beds recut and shaped. We did all of this in preparation for upcoming planting on May 14-15. Helping Board Members do the work were 5 Kappa Sigma fraternity guys from Trine. They were terrific!" Jim Somers

Kappa Sigma Classic

Kyle Hoyt and Buchanon Carpenter, Public Relations April 30, 2016

The annual Kappa Sigma Classic held by the brothers of the Theta-Xi chapter took place last Saturday, April 30th. 64 wonderful participants came out and battled the rain and cold to help our chapter donate money to the Military Heroes Campaign, an organization that helps veterans and their families. As a chapter, we were able to raise over $3,800 and will donate $2,660 after expenses. While the weather may not have been perfect for golfing, all the players enjoyed their time out on the course!

We would like to thank the 64 players who participated in the outing (their names are all posted below). A congratulations goes out to the team of Shawn Reiner, Paul Reiner, Jonathan Reiner, and Nate Price who won the competition with a low score of 63. It was tightly contested all day, but the Reiner and Price foursome was able to pull out a victory.

A huge thank you goes to Brother Shawn Reiner for organizing the event for the second straight year. His guidance has helped to make this event so successful and has given us the ability to host this amazing event. He has helped to start something great at our chapter.

The brotherhood of the Theta-Xi chapter would also like to thank all the sponsors and alumni support that helped Brother Reiner make the event such a success. An additional thanks goes out to the Fremont American Legion for supporting and participating in the great event, along with the chapter’s good friend John Goudy. Support from outside members of the community is greatly appreciated always, and we hope that they will return next year (hopefully bringing better weather).

As a chapter we are always excited about giving back to the community, especially to an organization that will help veterans so greatly. It is because of their service we are allowed these opportunities, and we feel it is our duty to thank them. As a result of our success for a second straight year, we look forward to hosting the Kappa Sigma Classic again next year and for many years to come!

Participants of the 2016 Kappa Sigma Classic

Shawn Reiner, Paul Reiner, Jonathan Reiner, Nate Price, Justin Franchville, Sam Ginsburg, Jason Maier, Kevin Wunderlin, Steffan Slick, Allee Slick, Brian Slick, Hilary Slick, Kyle Squillace,  Nick MIller, Joey Moynihan, Mitch Schmucker, Kenny Rappuhn, Jordan Davidhizar, Mac Green, Zach Eckert, Andrew Arthur, Kaleb Fondren, Sammy Seibolt, Nick Lang, John Goudy, John Stock, Paul Dedrick, Gary Bumgardner, Erwin Roldan, Mike Jenkins, Orlando "Nano" Longoria, Eric Roldan, Mark Houser, Patrick Malacina, Tom McCloskey, Mike McCloskey, Caleb Knust, Nick Miller, Zack Hopper, Nick Cassid, Kurt Wysocki, Damon Prifogle, Joseph Wysocki, Danny Collins, Willy Macedo, Mick Nichols, Mason Pelphrey, Brian LeGalley, Ian Jindrich, Andy Maurer, JT Plavchek, Alvaro Castelan, Mike Brown, Roy Charleswood, Dave Zeider


Kyle Hoyt and Buchanon Carpenter Public Relations