HTB Edition 8

2011 Kappa Sigma Year in Review


Sig Cup Highlights 2011 

From Steve Lahood September, 2011

The Sig Cup was started four years ago as a golf charity tournament between the Kappa Sigs and Alpha Sigs to support a scholarship fund for both houses. The event is organized by John Goudy, Alpha Sig and myself. Between 1967-1970 the two houses were next to each other and very competitive. We The 2011 Kappa Sig Teamaward two $500 scholarships to brothers from both houses each year during Home Coming weekend in the fall. John and I have been friends since our college days. The tournament scoring is along the lines of the Ryder Cup. The Kappa Sigs have won the event three times versus Alpha Sigs twice. Watch for the event format and dates coming in the summer of 2012.

Report from Mike Darch on June 11, 2011

Special Thanks


A special thanks to TJ Miley (past Grand Master) and Curtis Holcom (current Grand Scribe) for establishing a new communication tradition by authoring, "A Reflective Message from our Past Grand Master" and "A Year in Reflection" respectively. These effective articles can be found on the home page and most importantly serve as a communications precedent for future GM's and GS's. AEKDB, Mike

Report from Femi Adediji and Photos from Mark Davenport on October 6, 2011

Some Moments Visited on Homecoming Weekend.     


In the fall of 2011, as September came to a close and October brought vivid fall colors, Kappa Sigma and Trine University got to enjoy the annual Homecoming and Alumni Weekend festivities, where a group of brothers came back for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. On Friday September 30th, the actives had a good time at the house meeting, sharing stories with Alumni of all ages.Some of the brothers in attendance at the dinner On Saturday, October 1st, we had our annual dinner at Sliders for all actives and alumni to attend which followed the Kick for the Cure Soccer game that many actives participated in. The Kick for the Cure soccer game was organized and thought of by Sean Sullivan and the main goal was to raise cancer awareness. At the soccer game, a few of the active brothers painted their bodies and cheered as loud as they could to support the brothers that were playing. Brothers Mike Darch and Mitch Rhodes were also generous enough to open up their stadium suite to all brothers and any parents of the brothers, as a retreat from the cold and loud noises. All-in-all I felt that Alumni weekend was a success Annual meetingalthough the planning and communication for the event was not up to par. Hopefully Alumni weekend in the spring of 2012 will be organized and attended much better. Even though I could not really participate in Alumni weekend as much as I wanted due to soccer, I still enjoyed it. To me Alumni weekend is great. It’s a time where the old can meet the new (or vice versa) and as current active brothers, we get the opportunity to gauge where we once were to where we are and where we are going. We were all brought to the same place and took an oath. Creating an everlasting mystic bond with one another that won’t be forgotten and one cannot mistake.

Our Website and Communications Change Management 


            With the new Alumni officers and board established for 2012 – 2014, a meeting at Caruso’s took place on Saturday, 12-17 to officially pass the management torch to the new Alumni Board officer, Secretary Shawn Floyd. Present was the outgoing Board President, Ryan Estes, Past website chairman, Jim Sproatt, our website designer Greg Griffis, and Shawn Floyd.Website Management Changes
As the out-going website manager, I would like to thank all of the Alumni, active Brotherhood, and especially the officers and board members for such a rewarding and unique opportunity to serve our fraternity. We started with a specific need to communicate and rally the brotherhood on behalf of the new House project and matured the website and Hilltop Breeze newsletter into the communication tools we have today. I have really enjoyed the work and will always consider the effort to have been a sincere privilege.
We covered the specifics of the role that Shawn is stepping into, and we are excited that the spirit and enthusiasm is at such a high point. As the active Brotherhood provides a new involvement in both the website and the new activity in Facebook, and with this “new blood” invested in the effort, the future is bright.

Thanks so much for the opportunity,
Jim Sproatt

The Passing of the Torch
by Shawn Floyd

To say I have some big shoes to fill is an understatement. Jim Sproatt has done a phenomenal job in taking nothing and creating something great and I just hope with his guidance and direction, I can keep the ball moving in a positive direction. I am very excited to take this position and become more active in the fraternity and I appreciate the great opportunity that was given.
My goal is to become a bridge between actives and alumni and plan on doing this in a few different ways. If everything goes as planned, we will be able to strengthen the already strong communication network so that all issues/events/news can flow smoothly through all levels of the Brotherhood. We plan on growing and educating on the emerging social media outlets that are being used to make it easier for all to participate in. Active brother Sean Sullivan has graciously stepped up to show a great interest in aiding me and helping bring our great fraternity into the tech savvy 21st century. 
Lastly, I want to commend Greg Griffis for being instrumental in the improved communication and website/newsletter that he aided in creating, along with Jim Sproatt. Without his hard work and dedication, we would still be on square one. And although I hope to help create and maintain certain aspects of the website, I will let him keep doing all of the technical stuff. All of that is completely over my head (I’m only a business major!).
If you have an idea or suggestion, please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I hope you all have a great holiday season, and I plan on hitting the ground running after the New Year.



Mike Darch Becomes President of the Alumni Association

Trine University recently welcomed new officers to the Alumni Association’s board of directors. On Oct. 6, Mike Darch, BSBA ’67, was elected president, Rick Hoover, BSAE ’71, vice president, and Scott Brown, BSCE ’80, secretary.Mike Darch
Mike retired from NCR Corp., after serving in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and China for 34 years. His interest in information technology stemmed from his experiences at Ball State University, where he earned a master’s degree and a graduate assistantship. While at Ball State, Mike worked in the university’s computer center and taught computer science with Hubert Austin, Ph.D., who had been Mike’s mathematics professor at Tri-State. While at Tri-State, Mike was active in Student Council, Booster Club, Modulus Yearbook, Tri-Angle, Inter-Fraternity Council, Kappa Sigma Fraternity and Skull & Bones.



Some Highlights from the House for 2011


Sponsored Event: Hypnotic Intoxication
Sean Sullivan

During the Fall 2011 semester, the Theta-Xi chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity hosted Keith Karkut and his ‘Hypnotic Intoxication’ event in Trine University’s Fabiani Theatre. Hypnotic Intoxication is one of the nations premiere alcohol programs which combines comedy and hypnosis to send a powerful message to students. Keith’s goal in the use of this educational program is to inform and/or remind students of the dangers of alcohol.Hypnotic Intoxication

In a packed house, Keith randomly selected fourteen Trine University students to join him on stage where they would be hypnotized. Using bottled water as a symbol for alcohol, the event displayed some of the comical, yet embarrassing situations an intoxicated individual may find themselves in.

Attendees (which included students and faculty) responded with laughter as Keith continued to use his favorite participants who were intoxicated by way of hypnosis. One of his favorite targets, Theta-Xi President Femi Adediji who showed his passion for music when he entertained the crowd with his rendition of Usher, an award winning R&B/Hip Hop artist. The event concluded with a reminder from Keith on how important it is to drink responsibly, which put a humbling end to an enjoyable night for all.

Photos of the both the above event and below event have been posted to ‘Theta-Xi of Kappa Sigma’ facebook page.

Kappa Sig Brothers working on their adopted highway

Kappa Sigma Brothers participate in the Adopt-A-Highway program.

12/14/2011 -Kappa Sig's Femi Adediji Named Soccer All-Region

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) has announced that Trine University men’s soccer players Femi Adediji (Cedar Park, Texas/Vista Ridge), Andy Ohanesian (South Lyon, Mich./South Lyon) and Foster Webb (Auburn, Ind./Dekalb) have been named to the All-Central Region Second Team. All three are seniors and were also honored as All-MIAA First Team members earlier in the off-season. Brother Femi Adediji
This marks the first time in school history that multiple players for Trine have been named All-Region since becoming an NCAA member. It also marks the second straight year that Trine has had a player named All-Region as Rudy Cantrell was named to the third team a season ago.

Adediji finished his final season at Trine with two goals and five assists, while being tied for sixth in the conference with four assists.