The Hilltop Breeze Edition 5

House Dedication

Posted by Ryan Estes on November 2, 2009

Ryan Estes dedication the new house on the hillWhat a proud moment in our chapter history…truly an once-in-a-lifetime event for most of us! 

On Saturday October 3rd at 5 pm with great pride, anticipation and excitement Actives, Alumni and guests gathered on the front porch and lawn of our newly constructed chapter house at Trine University for Dedication of the new Kappa Sigma “House on the Hill”. Considering the logistics of communications, the sacrifices of time along with the investment of energy and resources of so many, the construction of the new house is nothing short of amazing.  Great job Building and Finance Committee members and all who participated in the process!!ribbon cutting

And as we celebrated and memorialized the completion of this project, we also commemorated and gave recognition to our lifelong bond of brotherhood.  The House was dedicated in honor of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, the Theta-Xi Alumni, the Active brothers and all the young men who will follow our footsteps and be the torch-bearers of our traditions for decades to come.


All that were in attendance at the house dedication

The House on the Hill dedication attendees



David Ballinger ’70: 2009 Distinguished Alumnus Award

September 3, 2009

Dave Ballinger Distinguished Alumnus
Dave Ballinger being congratulated


Congratulations from the entire brotherhood to Dave Ballinger, whom we have grown to love and know as “Bal”!  The 2009 Distinguished Alumnus Award is a well deserved honor for Dave as he embodies the ideals of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity and is highly dedicated to our Order.  Dave has unselfishly served on our Theta-Xi Board, as well as several different committees and task forces over the years and currently is an integral part of our Finance Committee.

 In addition to being a fantastic Brother and highly committed to the Fraternity, Dave is a credit to the Banking profession and is well respected by peers and those in the community.  He has served on numerous local boards and philanthropic groups in Steuben County as he and his wife, Ellen are Angola residents…not to mention proud grandparents.

Dave has a heart of gold and we are all proud to call him a friend and Brother.  Thank you for all you have done



The 2009 Kappa Sigma Reunion

Posted by Jim Sproatt November 2, 2009


First & foremost, the new House was dedicated. I had been back to the House 6 or so times since I graduated in 1971. I enjoyed myself each time and looked forward to seeing all the Brothers I knew when at Tri-State, and all the other Brothers I would meet at our reunions. I knew our House was not doing very well since the move out of Summit St., but I really did not know the details. Then I got the call in 2005 from Frank Hall explaining that things looked very bleak, and we needed the Alumni at the Reunion meeting to try to solve the problems. Well, there was already a very strong Alumni Board  that presented the issues, and all we needed, to start solving these problems was significant help from our Alumni, money & work!Alumni Reunion Banquet

 Four years later, with an Alumni that responded to the original “call to action”, and we were standing in front of a brand new fraternity house that clearly represented the qualities known within the brotherhood of the Theta-Xi Chapter of Kappa Sigma. I am still amazed of what has been accomplished. I am so very proud to have had the pleasure of working again with my Brothers on this project, and like any significant task, the end provides a beginning of new challenges.

 Going forward, as outlined in the reunion business meeting, there are major items for the Alumni to tackle. There is a committee formed up to assist in rush & pledging. This group is chaired by Randy Plank, and will be providing help in pitching the benefits of Greek life @ Theta-Xi to campus organizations that are target rich in young men with the qualities we desire. There is further work in reaching all of our Alumni, and the website & Hill Top Breeze newsletter will be changed & improved to meet that need. Along with communicating with all of our Brothers, we will be continuing the funding drive for the Alumni’s role in financing our new House to include a new annual dues program.Scott Bond has provided an insurance planned giving program. Mike Brown is on board to manage our expanded Colors Program. Mike Darch & Nate Zeedyk head up the new House Operations Committee Initiative. See what I mean by new challenges!

 We will be communicating to you more often through the HTB editions, and I am sure that I speak for all of us, undergraduates, and alumni alike that we look forward to these new challenges & our ability to display the true qualities of the Brothers of Kappa Sigma.

Relaxing at the reunion dinner 


A Theta Xi of Kappa Sigma Milestone

Posted by Bill SanGiacomo November 2, 2009

Well, Theta Xi of Kappa Sigma embarks upon yet another milestone in its illustrious history at TrineNew House University – fall of 2009 marks the first full academic year that the actives will be A New Era occupying the new and magnificent residence made possible by the financial and moral and physical support of the alumni. I am delighted to have been appointed as Vice-President of the alumni board; I want to continue to help the chapter in any way that I can, even though I have retired from active duty as Alumnus Advisor. I am still teaching a full load of classes and coaching the golf team (5 members of which are Kappa Sigmas); as a result, my time is unfortunately limited – but my heart and my energy is always with Kappa Sigma and its welfare. alumni reunion 2009 045Please keep me informed of the daily goings on at the house, actives, and I appreciate the emails from Randy, Ryan, Bal, and Mark among others that keep me up to speed with the current issues of interest to Theta Xi. I send the actives and alumni my best wishes for a glorious reunion on the weekend of Oct. 2 – 5. I will visit the house on Friday night, but will be out of town for the rest of the weekend. Let’s make 2009-10 one of the best years ever – let’s have a great and successful rush; let’s become more financially solvent and healthy; let’s keep our grades up to standards that others have set for us in the past. Let’s build on what we have accomplished and always strive to be “the brightest jewel in the Kappa Sigma galaxy.

AEKDB, Bill SanGiacomo