The Hilltop Breeze Edition 4

A Perspective on the 2009 Sig-Cup golf challenge.

Posted on September 3, 2009

Golf is a very serious sport that requires dedication and commitment to be performed well. That said, I prescribe to the methodology that has as its motto: “Here, hold my beer – Watch this! How in the hell did anyone think that putting me with Noah Warren, the assistant Pro, made sense?

Sig Cup  

Brothers, this summer time get together is worth your serious consideration. The invitation went out to all the Alumni, and we had a great turn out, but now that we can stay overnight at the new House, it is much more than a golf outing. Of the dozen Brothers that participated, we had many more that came over to the House to visit & reacquaint. At least six of us stayed at the House.


Seven of the Brothers that participated in the event I went to school with & four more were there that Friday evening. Two I haven’t seen in many – many years. Hang the golf; that was just a good excuse for some fraternal brotherhood long over due. This is not to say that the Reunion doesn’t also provide the same experience. This was different. Try telling the stories that you remember, listening to the ones you forgot, filling in a few decades of life after graduation, all in the atmosphere of the “House – Bar – Brothers and surroundings that take you way back forty years. Jim Sexton was there. He was GM when I pledged. Old composites, new ones, fifty paddles hanging in the bar, Franks Ranchero & my Nova, the tunnel at the old-old-old House, the starting 5 basketball team, and Brother Bill SanGiacomo that doesn’t seem to age a day.

Party @ the new house!!!

Sig Cup 2How & why Jim Anderson jumped out the window during hell week. Jim passed away this spring, prematurely. Wayne Shive filled in some blanks.


Steve LaHood has pulled together a slam-dunk winner of an event. Consider coming next year (and to this years Reunion Oct 3rd) and I will hold your beer.

Sig Cup Outting 



Jim Sproatt

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Another View of the Spring Graduation

Mike Darch Updated on March 17, 2010  

Ryan Estes

Ryan Estes Mc’s the Graduation Dinner

May 9, 2009 Graduation Cermony – Saturday Events -
A dinner catered by Caruso’s at our new chapter house was held for the graduating seniors and their parents.  The dinner and program was very well received by all in attendance.  A dinner program MC’d by Dave Ballinger followed.  Ryan Estes our newly nominated Alumni President spoke & introduced the graduates who in turn introduced their families.  Ryan also introduce the new EC who were present.  Ryan then read a message from Randy Plank who was out of the country, congratulating the seniors.  Mike Darch spoke briefly about the history of the chapter and recognized Mitch Rhoads our newly initiated brother.  Mark Davenport then presented a special award signifying the Hill Top Partners.  These are the brothers that funded the down payment for the old house and current property that supports our new Chapter House.  Three of the 13 brothers were present to accept the recognition award, Frank Hall, Dave Ballinger and Mike Darch.  The short program was cap off a very joyous evening.  The attending alumni were Greg Ilko, Mark Davenport, Frank Hall, Dave Ballinger, Mitch Rhoads, Ryan Estes, Jim Sproatt, Bill SanGiacomo, Bill Pett and Ralph & Sheri Trine. Many parents expressed their compliments on the whole proceedings.

Jim Sproatt mounted the restored Kappa Sigma wood crest to the right front entrance door.  Once the address plaque is finished it will be mounted on the left side of the doors.  The restored  crest displays exceptional well and adds much brillance to the entrance.  Thanks to Jim and his contributing brothers, it really looks awesome !

Chris Parish’s parents, Bruce and Debbie had a beautiful wall art made from some of the stain glass window parts from the old house.   The crest and Kappa Sigma is etched in the center on clear glass surrounded by the salvaged stain glassed in a wood frame.  It is very smart looking and is hanging in the meeting room.  Our special thanks to Chris, Bruce and Debbie for their thoughtfulness and generosity.  

Chapter News – May 6, 2009 – Wednesday Events -
The newly elected EC met with Dave Ballinger,  Ryan Estes, Mark Davenport and Mike Darch on Wednesday to launch their reign.  The new EC appears to be a good group of undergraduate brothers willing and able to lead the Chapter.  They brought up some minor points regarding parking security & trash receptacles that we can assist with during the year.  Dave Ballinger offered to check with Sheri Trine about donating recyclable trash to the Animal Shelter.   The group established a fall semester move-in date 3 days prior to TU’s Frosh move in.  This summer there are 4 brothers in the house.  The alumni present  emphasized how important the fall rush will be to shore up our numbers. Enjoying the Dinner


Two action items were assigned for follow up work;


ACTION ITEM – We (alums) think it would be a good idea to have at least one group meal for the brothers per week, maybe before their weekly formal meetings.  The funding can come out of the their meal allowance?  No owner was assigned to further explore / execute this idea.

ACTION ITEM – we really need to form a special rush committee to help the new EC establish a formal rush program, execution monitored.  Nick Miller & NickF are the undergrad owners.  Perhaps recent grads that did an exceptional job (?), one or two  alumni, advisors especially BillS, KS National Help, etc, etc, needs to be established ASAP.  Before long Fall will be upon us  . . work needs to begin now !


Lastly on Wedneday, a special initiation into Kappa Sigma Fraternity was conducted by the undergratuate ritual team.  Former Kappa Sigma Kappa brothes Ralph Trine and Mitch Rhoads were initiated into Kappa Sigma.  Alumni present to witness the special initiation were Ryan Estes, Mark Davenport, Dave Ballinger and Mike Darch.   On Saturday Bill Pett (KSK ‘53)  agreed to be initiated into KS in the fall.  Other Kappa Sigma Kappa’s are being contacted to encourage them to join our Kappa Sigma brotherhood. 

Theta-Xi’s Future Is Bright

Posted by Randy Plank August 2, 2009

Summer at the new house
Summer at the new house.  

Continuing Interaction of Alumni and Actives Is the Key

Bringing the new Kappa Sigma Chapter house from dream to reality over the last four years required a lot of cooperation among the alumni and active brothers.  The interaction on the house design, funding, and construction was really impressive – very positive and gratifying, as brothers of all ages worked together for the good of the Chapter.   There were amazingly few disagreements and not one fist fight. Only twice did Mike Darch cuss seriously (both times in response to bad jokes by Dave Ballinger). 

Since 2005, we’ve come a long way, from two old houses and very little alumni interaction, to where we are today – an incredible new house in a prime spot and growing alumni support.  The future for the Chapter is bright indeed but there are no guarantees – the Chapter will be only as strong as our brothers and our brotherhood.  Going forward, with the best student housing on campus and the best reunion venue in the solar system, we’re in great position to continue to attract the best to join us and to come back to Theta-Xi year after year.  Already, just through our annual reunions these last four years and the ever-expanding Sig Cup Golf Tournament, we’re seeing an enthusiastic resurgence of alumni interest to come back to the house and renew old bonds and traditions, and to get involved in their own way to support the Chapter on an ongoing basis. 

Our road to success will be wider and straighter and smoother as we continue to engage more alumni of all ages.  Younger alums like Allen Keen, Joel Morrison, Chris Parrish, and Matt Iacobelli play key roles, being closer in age and perspective to the actives.  Diversity of ages, professions, locations, and pledge classes in our alumni support group adds greatly to our strength, by engaging varied talents and experiences and eras to interact as a brotherhood, and by providing a broad-based network to help with Chapter operations, job searches, and professional development of our brothers.     We need more alums of all ages, not just a few old guys with witty songs.   Who knows – maybe at a not-too-distant reunion we’ll have a pentathlon competition combining golf, cornhole, euchre, thumper, and guitar hero?  My money’s on Scott Salisbury…       

Submitted by Randy Plank

Classified Ad

August 2, 2009

There are some position openings for the Theta-Xi of Kappa Sigma website. 

We need a Historian of the Chapter and would be responsible for updates of  actives and alumni.   Position Filled!

Brothers!! I am very pleased that Mark has accepted the Historian position on the Website Committee. He is a very capable Brother, willing to put in some time on behalf of our fraternity, and we will be served well by his efforts.

Database Manager

Photo Album organizer

I am concerned that we are managing all of the Alumni affairs with the same core group of Brothers, and have yet to see new volunteers join this quest. Now that the new House is built, we will be guiding the Chapter into a stronger future. By engaging & managing certain core responsibilities that was historically the exclusive responsibility of the undergraduates, we can help the House secure fundamentals necessary for Theta-Xi to maintain a top position in the Greek system on the Trine University campus. We need more Alumni involvement! Please consider what you might contribute, and be prepared to offer some help when we discuss this at the upcoming reunion.

If you are interested in helping us on the website in any of these capacities please email   Jim Sproatt at