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Attention Brothers! Please plan now to join us at the 2009 Alumni Reunion Oct 2nd-4th.

Posted on September 3, 2009

Plan NOW to attend the First Ever Kappa Sigma / Kappa Sigma Kappa Alumni Reunion at the NEW Chapter House on October 2 – 4, 2009 in Angola.The House on the Hill

In addition to seeing old friends and meeting the 27 current undergraduate chapter members, you can tour the NEW Chapter House at 801 Moss St. which is in it’s second semester as home to the Theta-Xi Chapter.




The schedule of events includes:

 Friday, October 2:


5:00 – 6:30      Special Initiation of Bill Pett – Kappa Sigma Kappa ‘53

                        FORMAL – No Guests – New Chapter House – 801 Moss St.

 8:00                 Social hours at The NEW Chapter House – 801 Moss Street


Saturday, October 3:

9:15                 Presentation of 2009 Sig Cup Scholarships

                        (two Kappa Sigma winners; two Alpha Sigma Phi winners)

                        Best Hall, Room 229

11:30-12:30     Annual House Corporation Business Meeting

                        Best Hall, Room 229

1:00 -               TU vs HOPE -  Football Game – Shive Field

5:00                 Dedication of NEW Chapter House – Front Porch

5:30 – 6:30      Cocktails – The NEW Chapter House – 801 Moss Street   

7:00                 Cash Bar – Goog’s Restaurant

7:30                 Reunion Dinner – Goog’s Restaurant

                        NW corner of North Wayne St. and County Road 200 North

 Sunday, October 4:


                        Golf at Zollner Golf Course:  9:00 am or 11:30 am


        (to book in advance; contact Brother Noah Warren at Zollner:  260-655-4269)


 Our Reunion is being held during the University’s Homecoming celebration.


See University website for hotel information. Group rates available for Homecoming weekend.

Alumni Weekend Reply Card

Mike DarchUpdated on March 17, 2010  

2009 KS Alumni Reunion – Brothers, this is a PDF attachment for printing your reply card.

Kindly take a moment and return the reply card that is attached here or in the group mailing to Mark Davenport via email or USPS.   It is important we receive accurate counts for the various events.  Please help in planning another successful reunion.

AEKDB,   Mike

Kappa Sigma Activities-Brother Frank Hall’s Thoughts

Posted by Frank Hall September 3, 2009



 Time changes us all, I have grown up and believe me I have better things to do than go back to Tri-State and act like I am 18 years old.  How could I have anything in common with these guys?   If that sounds like you I can only say you are very wrong.  The Alumni are just like you.  We can’t party like we did 40 years ago, but we can sure go out to eat and talk about our lives and just be best of friend again.  I can truly say I had a great time and friendships come back quickly.  Did you know each one of us talked about our present lives and our families and brothers were interested.  Did you know no one was trying to impress other brothers?  Did you know that we were all still proud of Kappa Sigma and wanted to meet new brothers?  They are fine young men that liked for us to mentor them.  Did you know we have a beautiful new house and the Alumni are responsible?  Did you know that you can still be a brother for life if you desire?  Please take the time to come to one of our events.  If I am wrong you don’t have to come back, but I can guarantee you will be missed.   Just asked Jim Sexton?

Frank Hall


See! The House on the Hill

September 3, 2009

Mike Brown’s photo of  the new house from down the hill as Kinney St is being vacated.

House up the hill without Kinney St.

New Alumni Dues Program

September 3, 2009

At our Saturday business meeting, room 229, Best Hall @ 11:30am, we will also discuss our proposed Alumni Dues program. This program will allow a uniform & continuing source of funding. The optional request for the Colors Program funding will also be defined & discussed.

Open the PDF for the Dues Notice.    2009 KS Annual Alumni Dues Invoice[1]

A comment from Chris Fogt, the new GM

September 3, 2009

I was born in West Virginia in 1987, and lived in Ohio then New Jersey before settling down here in Garrett Indiana in 1992. I went to Garrett High School and graduated in 2006. I came to Tri-State to play soccer, but did not stick with that, and also ran track my freshmen year. My major is Civil Engineering and I will graduate this year with that and an Environmental Engineering minor. My future plans are to come back to school next year and get my Masters in Civil Engineering. After that the real world. My history with Kappa Sigma, I pledged in the Fall of 2007 and my big brother was Rob Quigley, past GM. Last year I was the GS and was elected GM for this coming year.
The other EC members are GP, Andy Wolf. He lives in Syracuse Indiana and is a Golf Management Major. He is also a senior this year and pledged in the Spring of 2006. GMC Nick Miller, who lives in North Manchester. He is a Chemical Engineer (Don’t know why) and was a pledge brother of mine and is also a senior. There is GT Jonathan Jung, who is from Casselberry Florida. He is a Finance Major and will hopefully graduate this year with us. And finally TJ Miley GS. He is from Wabash Indiana and is also a Golf Management major. He will be a junior and pledged in the fall of 2008.

Chris Fogt


The 2009 Sig Cup a Huge Success

September 3, 2009


Brother Ralph Trine, Dr. Brooks and Angola Mayor Dick Hickman

2009 Sig Cup Held August 7 and August 8

 The 4th annual Sig Cup golf tournament was held in early August at Trine University’s Zollner Golf Course and Lake James Golf  Course in Angola, IN.  The competition between Kappa Sigma and Alpha Sigma Phi was again keen, but friendly.  The winner of the event again this year was the Sig Cup Scholarship Fund at Trine University, as $2,500 was raised by Kappa Sigma & Alpha Sigma Phi alumni for the Fund.  Winners of the undergrad scholarships will be announced at Trine homecoming weekend October 3rd.


After winning The Cup the first three years of the event, I must report that Alpha Sigma Phi was the winner of the golf competition this year.  Alpha Sigma Phi Team Captain John Goudy and team members earned the right to have their name engraved on the cup and display it proudly until next year’s competition.  Kappa Sigma team members included Captain Steve Lahood, Jim Sexton, Ryan Estes, David Ballinger, Frank Hall, Noah Warren, Steve Bushore, Jim Sproatt, Bill MacIver, Bill SanGiacomo, Doug McCray, Kyle Sqillance and Terry Stanley.  Moral support was provided Friday night by Ralph Trine, Mike Darch, Mitch Rhoads, Wayne Shive, Roy Meyer, Mark Davenport, Rick James and Keith Turner.  Bill Pett, a Kappa Sigma Kappa, was also able to attend on Friday night.  Bill plans to be initiated into Kappa Sigma during homecoming weekend in October.  Thanks to Steve Lahood for providing Kappa Sigma golf visors and to Mike Brown for providing Sig Cup golf towels to all participants.

 Kappa Sig Foursome

L to R: Jim Sproatt, Doug McCray, Noah Warren, Steve Bushore

The weekend included a get-together at the new Kappa Sigma house on Friday night.  Both Alpha Sigma Phi and Kappa Sigma alumni enjoyed the social time and sharing stories about “the old days”.  Ralph Trine shared that he remembered the shower in the basement of the 613 W. Pleasant Street house and how inevitably someone would walk through the bar area during a party on their way to the shower (usually with just a towel around them).  Several Kappa Sigma alumni also enjoyed lodging at the new house over the weekend and I heard many comments such as “the house we lived-in was not nearly as nice as this one”.   A good time was had by all.


The Sig Cup weekend was again successful and has become an annual “must attend” for those who have been able to participate.  The weekend always coincides with the TU Alumni and Friends golf outing, which is the first weekend in August.  I look forward to next year and I invite all alumni to attend.


David Ballinger, 1970


Ralph Trine and Mitch Rhoads with Mike Darch