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Theta-Xi Alumni Board

Posted on August 2, 2009

Thought you might be interested in knowing who the current Theta-Xi Alumni Board members are.  They will serve until the annual meeting in the fall of 2010, and some will continue after that.  We have a very diverse group representing several different eras of Chapter history on the Board.  We truly appreciate everyone’s contribution. 

Compiled by Ryan Estes


Mike Redford `79 – Greenwood, IN

Nate Zeedyk – Angola, IN

Steve LaHood `67 – Boston, MA

Duane Hoke `75 – Wilmington, NC

Frank Hall `70 – Orleans, IN

Ed Buker `72 – Birmingham, AL

Frank Crea `74 – Lexington Park, MD

Don Kreitzer (Faculty Advisor), Angola, IN

Brian McNamara `70 – Rockford, MI

Noah Warren `07, Angola, IN

Roy Meyer `78 – Angola, IN

Joel Morrison `06 – Parma, OH

Jim Sproatt `71 – Elkhart, IN

Mark Davenport `78 – Treasurer – Indianapolis, IN

Bill SanGiacomo, Vice-President – Angola, IN

Ryan Estes `79 – President – Angola, IN


Vacating a Portion of Kinney Street

Posted on August 2, 2009 

A Committee of six Brothers (Mike Darch, David Ballinger, Greg Ilko, Mark Davenport, Randy Plank and Ryan Estes) was in discussions and negotiations with the University since late May 2009 regarding the possible closure of Kinney Street in front of our new chapter house.  And upon a review of all facts known at the time, a majority of the committee agreed to recommend the matter to our Kappa Sigma Alumni Board for voting on July 7th.Construction


Background Information:

 The proposal from the University, endorsed by the City of Angola Common Council, was that we deed our half of the proposed Kinney Street vacated right-of-way to the University in order to beautify the area and help the University with their master-plan.  In return, the road would be closed and replaced with a “green space” consisting of permanent walk paths leading to the main part of campus.  One of the walk paths would even connect to the steps and sidewalk which leads to our front door on Kinney Street.  Additionally, landscaping and post lamps matching those recently installed on campus would replace the current roadway.  The proposal would leave Kappa Sig with a 66’ green space buffer as measured from our Kinney Street stone wall eastward to the right-of-way boundary and would prohibit any “building” by the University in that space.  TU would pay for all of the construction…Kappa Sigma would not be required to pay for any of the cost of road demolition or green-space construction.

 During the negotiation, TU also agreed to a formally recorded deed restriction against building in the entire 66’ right-of-way as part of the transaction.

 Following deliberation by the Kappa Sigma Alumni Board, votes were cast via email and by July 13th an overwhelming majority had voted AYE to proceeding with the Kinney Street matter as put recommended by the committee.  We look forward to the completed project and envision this as a nice improvement to campus and our immediate surroundings.

A Tradition Revisited….

Posted by Ryan Estes August 2, 2009   • 

On Saturday, May 9, 2009 Theta-Xi brothers including graduating actives and a group of alums took part in a celebration honoring our 2009 graduating senior class.

 Graduating Seniors 2009

Following social hour, a lasagna dinner catered by Caruso’s was served in the dining room of our new Chapter House.  After the meal we formally recognized and congratulated the six graduating brothers who took part in commencement exercises earlier that day:  Chris Parrish, Stephen Otts, Todd Laman, Matt Iacobelli, Rob Quigley and Shawn Floyd.  The event was well received by all–including the graduates’ family and friends who were present.  We will miss the leadership and camaraderie of this group but we welcome them with open arms as full-fledged alumni…and judging by some of the discussion we can expect this group to be very active contributors in our alumni association.


Present to show support of the graduating class were several alumni:  recently initiated Mitch Rhoads (Kappa Sigma Kappa at Tri-State), David Ballinger, Jim Sproatt, Frank Hall, Mike Darch, Bill SanGiacomo, Mark Davenport, Greg Ilko and Ryan Estes.  Ralph Trine (Kappa Sigma Kappa at Tri-State), another recently initiated member of our fraternity, had several other functions to attend following commencement but was able to drop by after dinner and visit with everyone as well. Attendees

Front row: Bill SanGiacomo, Mitch Rhoads, Mike Darch and Mark DavenpBack row: Greg Ilko, Ryan Estes, Dave Ballinger, Jim Sproatt and Frank Hall.ort.


Everyone agreed that this was a great event and we plan to make this part of the graduation tradition in the future!  Thanks to everyone who came and made this a truly memorable event!!

Hilltop Investors

Also on May 9, The House Corporation, on behalf of the entire Chapter,
presented a plaque commemorating the 13 Brothers, known as The Hilltop Investors,
whose generosity and foresight made possible the purchase of the Moss Street
property in 1997. Pictured with the plaque are Dave Ballinger, Mike Darch and
Frank Hall. The other Hilltop Investors named on the plaque are: Rob Beggs, Jon Grill,
Tim LaGrow, Bob Livingston, Brian McNamara, Roy Meyer, Wayne Shive, Marc Snyder,
Joseph Sullivan and John Towne.


What’s Happening Around the New House

Posted July 31, 2009

The actives took on many of the landscaping projects for the new house in the spring. Photo of the actives.
Actives Landscaping New House


Some Additions to the new house

August 2, 2009


Newly Installed Crest

New Copper Sign

New Parking Lot