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Kappa Sigma Alumni Giving Page


Directly to House Corporation
Make check payable to: Theta - Xi of Kappa Sigma, Inc.

Mail Check to:
Theta - Xi of Kappa Sigma, Inc.
Marek Kolar
40 Lane 146 Crooked Lake
Angola, IN 46703


Easy 6 Step instructions for setting up
automatic monthly deposits to Kappa Sigma

 Go to your bank and tell them you want to originate a monthly
Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer.

 1) Tell them from which of your accounts you want the donations made.

 2) Tell them the amount you want to donate monthly. ( $10.00 minimum )

 3) Tell them the day of the month on which you want the donations withdrawn.

 4) Tell them you want that monthly donation transferred to:

 First Federal Savings Bank of Angola ... Routing # 274970021

 5) And credited to:

 Theta - Xi of Kappa Sigma, Inc. ... Account # 27426

6) To help us track your donations for tax purposes and recognition, please ask your bank to put your name on the "ID number" line of the transfer.

Please notify Ron Thomas by e-mail or phone when you have set this up to ensure proper tracking.

Thank you for considering this convenient way of supporting our Chapter.

Loans to Theta-Xi

Traditional, unsecured loans are being accepted by Theta-Xi of Kappa Sigma, Inc to support the new Chapter House.


Please make your loan check payable to: Theta - Xi of Kappa Sigma, Inc. and
                                   Mail Check to:

Marek Kolar
40 Lane 146 Crooked Lake
Angola, IN 46703



The interest rate paid on the loan will be 5%. Interest will be paid annually.  The loan principle pay back goal is 5 to 7 years but not to exceed 10 years by bank refinancing and / or funds received from alumni donations.  A minimum loan of $2,500 is required; however, no maximum!

Future donations can be made through forgiveness of a portion of your loan balance.

Further information can be obtained from Marek Kolar@ 260-633-0807









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